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Glutamine peptides
Glutamine Peptides can also be referred to as: L-Glutamine Peptides, Peptide Bonded Glutamine, Glutamine Peptide, L-Glutamine Peptide, Bonded Glutamine Peptides.

Neither glutamine peptides nor l-glutamine are recognised as being ‘better’. Glutamine peptides however, do have certain advantages over regular glutamine supplements.

Research suggests that anywhere between 50-85% of l-glutamine does not actually make it to the muscle tissue. Instead it is used in other metabolic processes involving the immune system, liver, gut, pancreas and intestines. So although l-glutamine does help increase muscle mass and prevent muscle loss, the majority of it is used to carry out other health-related functions. In contrast, due to their fast absorption, glutamine peptides bypass these metabolic processes and are delivered directly to the muscle tissue. Essentially this suggests that glutamine peptides may be superior to regular glutamine when comparing their muscle-building and muscle-sparing properties.
They are absorbed faster – The digestive tract has special peptide transport systems which mean that peptides are absorbed and used quicker than l-glutamine. This is extra beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders who supplement with glutamine immediately after workouts.
They are more stable – Glutamine peptides are more stable in solution, at higher temperatures and at lower PH’s than l-glutamine.
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